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18K Persian Turquoise Bead Bracelet on Wire

This limited edition bracelet is an homage to natural wonder. We are taken to another place, another time, to the Persian Empire and bazaars along the Silk Road, where the Turquoise gemstone has been mined since 4,000 BCE. These stones are kaleidoscopic. Mineral inclusions in these Persian Turquoise beads create the complexity of their body; colors trailing across their finely polished surface enchants us.

A timeless symbol of prosperity, these rounded turquoise beads have been looped by hand on 18K recycled gold wire to showcase the natural beauty of the stone. The beads range from 8x10mm to 9x13mm. 10 beads weighing 47.3 carats, speckled with inclusions of metallic and matte earth tones, are finished with a handmade hook and eye closure with a figure eight lock and safety chain. The bracelet measures 7.5 inches in full length.