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Sterling Silver Amber Bracelet


Illuminated like the sun, these one of a kind amber earrings are a marvel of Mother Nature! This luscious warm gem is composed of fossilized tree resin from ancient evergreens. Ranging in age from 20 million to 320 million years old, it may include small plant and animal material, poetically trapped like in a sticky drop of honey. Because of its age amber is associated with wisdom, protection, and courage, and is believed to bring a balance of emotions to our hearts. brThis One-of-a-Kind bracelet is made up of bold polished ambers beads that range in size from 2 x 1.24 inches at the center, to 1.5 x ¾ inches at the ends. The bracelet is strung on natural cord and finished with a sterling silver custom slide closure and a figure 8 safety clasp, measuring 5/8 inches in total length. All stones are ethically sourced.