Persian Turquoise and Inlay

These stones of Persian Turquoise are kaleidoscopic. See your reflection in them, as if gazing in a puddle, with trees towering overhead; blue sky and white clouds pieced together like a mosaic. These pieces are an homage to natural wonder. We are taken to another place, another time, to the Persian Empire and bazaars along the Silk Road, where the gemstone has been mines since 4,000 BC.  We’ve designed around these unique stones with a simple aim, to showcase the natural beauty of Persian Turquoise; to recall the Sky Stone’s long history while embracing it in the contemporary moment. We want to spread the love of these blues, these perfect imperfections.

The Persian Turquoise is perfectly accompanied by our Limited Edition Inlay Collection.  Iconic symbols of balance, femininity, and protection like the moon, the sun and the all seeing eye come to life through the ancient technique of inlay.