18K Gold Turquoise Inlay Eye Pendant

The eye is all seeing, they are the windows to the soul. These ocular symbols of protection abound in the ancient world, from the Eye of Horus in Ancient Egypt, to contemporary Evil Eyes. They arrest us with their gaze, while comforting us and emboldening our dreams. Deep blue lapis has adorned the eyes of countless female idols of antiquity, queens and goddesses immortalized in art. These pendants are an iconic and timeless talismans that ward off evil. The ancient technique of inlay involves cutting stones with great precision, and fitting them into matching depressions in a base, creating a totally smooth design flush with the matrix.  We have used inlay to create this limited edition handmade pendant out of lapis, Arizona Turquoise, and fossilized walrus ivory. The twinkle in this eye comes from immaculately crafted areas of flat color, celebrating the anatomy of inlay. The pendant measures 0.75” by 0.5” and hangs from a recycled 18K gold cable chain with a round lobster clasp closure.