18K Gold Persian Turquoise Teardrop Pendant on Lure Chain

This rare 20 carat one of a kind Persian Turquoise stone is topographic poetry.  It shows a world from above in a birds eye view; in this stone we read of forests and mountain streams and are taken to another place and time. This necklace is an homage to the natural beauty of Persian Turquoise.  We want to spread the love of these blues and greens, these perfectly imperfect stones. In a great complexity of colors, this pendant is a swirl of light green, with luminous golden yellow inclusions, faint red veins, areas of dark blue, and a cluster of copper at the apex of the teardrop shape.   This 1.25" by 0.875” stone is bezel set in recycled 18K gold and hangs from our 18 inch 18K gold handmade lure chain.