Astrology Collection

Our 18K Gold and Sterling Silver Astrology Collection Launches April 27th Available for Pre-Order Now!

My new Astrology Collection is for the seekers, believers and mystics.  Astrology is a symbolic language with ancient roots used to find insight into oneself by studying the Cosmos. In its broadest sense, it is the search for meaning in the sky. Contemporary Western astrology often explains aspects of a person’s personality and predicts significant events in one’s life based on the positions of the planets, stars and celestial bodies.

-Robin Renzi

 All pendants are available in 18K gold and sterling silver on a 16" or 18" chain or on natural cotton cord in all 12 Zodiac Signs.  To pre-order your sign or for more information please call 1.877.632.6376 or e-mail us at




Images shown above are of the Aries zodiac sign