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18K Gold Large Persian Turquoise Beaded Bracelet on Wire

Persian Turquoise is a kaleidoscope of colors. Mother Nature paints them blue and green with her palette of minerals. In these stones you can see rivers and mountains, and our own reflection as if gazing in a puddle with trees towering overhead as blue skies and the white of clouds swirl together like a mosaic. We’ve designed around these unique stones with a simple aim, to showcase the natural beauty of Persian Turquoise. An homage to natural wonder, this one of a kind bracelet is made up of eight softly round barrel beads that range in size from ¾” x  ½” to ⅝” x ⅜”, hand wired and linked together with 18K recycled gold.  The bracelet is finished with a hook and eye closure with a safety chain. The combined weight 146 carats.