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Sterling Silver Lapis Tyre Necklace

Known for its deep blue hues, with golden inclusions that twinkle like stars in the night, this is the stone of truth and enlightenment. Lapis has been treasured since ancient times, and used to symbolize clarity of sight and wisdom. In this limited edition necklace, faceted lapis tyre beads are strung on black cord, with 15 inches of beads and 5.5 inches of macramé cord at either end. The lapis beads weight a total of 199.75 carats, and graduate from approximately 6.5mm to 7mm wide at the center. These beads have an incredible shine, not only from the fine polish of their facets, but from the natural gold inclusions of the stone itself. Finished with a recycled sterling silver button closure and macramé loop, this necklace is available in 26 inches. All stones are ethically sourced.