18K Gold Turquoise and Ivory Inlay Sun Pendant

Every summer we worship the sun. Its life giving, cheek blushing, flower blooming energy. From sunup to sundown new beginnings abound as its rays reach down to lift us up. The Sun was central to our earliest spirituality as we began to explain our place in the universe. The sun as our source of life has inspired artisans in nearly every culture and time. Turquoise is the sky stone, bright and clear, here complimented by the milky whiteness of fossilized walrus ivory. The ancient technique of inlay involves cutting stones with great precision, and fitting them into matching depressions in a base, creating a totally smooth design flush with the matrix. With a nod to Ra the Sun God, these pendants indulge in the aesthetics of Ancient Egypt as well as more modern interpretations, such as the Art Deco Egyptian Revival, and Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. The inner circle of the sun measures ½”  in diameter, and the entire pendant is 3/4 “ at its widest, hanging from a recycled 18K gold cable chain with a round lobster clasp closure