18K Gold Persian Turquoise Double Drop Beaded Earring

These stones of Persian Turquoise are kaleidoscopic. See your reflection in them, as if gazing in a puddle, with trees towering overhead; blue sky and the white of clouds pieced together like a mosaic. This stone conjures a vision that puts us in the middle of it all, one with the earth and the sky, not knowing where we end and our surroundings begin. Mother Nature paints the many colors of turquoise with her exquisite palette; using copper, aluminum, and zinc to achieve an array of blues and greens.  We’ve designed around these unique stones with a simple aim, to showcase the natural beauty of Persian Turquoise; to recall the Sky Stone’s long history while embracing it in the contemporary moment. We want to spread the love of these blues, these imperfections, and find a way to enjoy turquoise every day. Measuring a total length of 1.625" from the bottom of the earwire to the bottom bead x 0.375" wide, these one of a kind double drop earrings feature two turquoise beads with a carat weight of 30.85. One deeper blue bubbles with lighter blue with copper metallic looking bronzy inclusions.