18K Gold Oval Persian Turquoise Ring

Bright and clear this oval ring truly looks like our earth, continents and all, elongated by the force of gravity. With speckles of bronze and yellow tones, this elapsing globe gives us the sense that natural light is hitting it.  We want to showcase its natural beauty, as some things can’t be designed. Mother Nature paints the many colors of turquoise with her exquisite palette; using copper, aluminum, and zinc to achieve an array of blues, greens, and even rare yellow turquoise.   A Bezel setting surrounds this stone with a fine gold edge, rounded and discreet. Measuring ¾” x 7/8” this stone has a weight of 21.1 carats and sits atop a 4mm recycled 18K gold band. This ring is a size 6.5 and may be sized upon request.