18K Gold Persian Turquoise Bead Bracelet on Cord

These Persian Turquoise stones are a kaleidoscope of colors. They show a world from above in a birds eye view; in these stones we read of rivers and mountains. See your reflection in them, as if gazing in a puddle, with trees towering overhead; blue sky and the white of clouds pieced together like a mosaic. We’ve designed around these unique stones with a simple aim, to showcase the natural beauty of Persian Turquoise. An homage to natural wonder, this one of a kind bracelet is made up of softly round barrel beads that range in size from ½” to 3/8” long, by approximately ¼” across. Knotted along brown cord, and finished with an 18K gold button closure and end cap, these 14 beads weighing 38 carats display a dynamic variety of deep blues, bright cloudy blues, and inclusions of metallic and matte earth tones.