18K Gold Persian Turquoise Double Lotus Drop Earring

These one of a kind earrings are an homage to natural wonder. We are taken to another place and time, to the Persian Empire and bazaars along the Silk Road, where the gemstone has been mined since 4,000 BCE.   Persian Turquoise stones are a kaleidoscope of color. Mother Nature paints the many colors of turquoise with her exquisite palette, using copper, aluminum, and zinc to achieve an array of blues and greens. These endearingly imperfect stones are cut into a teardrop shape measuring 1 ¼” x ⅞”, which hangs below a ⅝” x ½” oval with a total length of 2.25 inches from the top ring to the bottom of the teardrop stone.  These 61.5 carat double drop earrings are bezel set by hand in recycled 18K gold. The ovals are dusted with a few specks of copper, while the teardrops mesmerize us with a dynamic pattern that activates the stone from every angle.