Large Scallop Shell Object

Scallop Shell in Fine Silver

Like a silver platter holding your small treasures, this artifact plays with the imagination by manipulating scale and material.   Artists represent and subvert objects; from the still lifes of Cézanne, to the radical gestures of Duchamp, and the poetics of Man Ray, the inanimate has gained a new role in society. We stage and alter them into cultural artifacts that hold a mirror up to our own personal mythologies. OurObjects from the Natural World  are inanimate, yet possess the feeling and essence of life, a beautiful contradiction. This shell is a surreal artifact of shallow seas and distant shores, living its second life in your home.  The inside has beentransformed by adding 99% fine silver through the process of electroforming,while the underside exposes the naturally vibrant drapery of the shell, which varies in color from shell to shell.  The shell measures 5.5 x 5.25 x 1.25 inches.