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18K Gold Fossilized Walrus Ivory Horn Pendant


Man has always believed in the mental and spiritual strength concentrated in horns, from cave painting of deer and ram, to the oxen of early agricultural society. The horn has become a symbol of reverence and thankfulness between man and beast. The Walrus Ivory used for this horn pendant, has been partially fossilized, dating back thousands of years. Ethically sourced from beneath the cold preserving earth of Alaska, its trade is well regulated, only available in the US. Layers of this prehistoric tusk have absorbed minerals from its surroundings while maintaining a milky white finish, and lending itself graciously to carving. They tell the story of a wild North America, long gone. This Fossilized Walrus Ivory Horn is approximately 1.5 inches long and strung on a recycled 20" 18K gold chain, with a lobster clasp.