Abalone and Blue Shell on Chain

The Deep blue sky of Maine, at night reflects off these blue beaches, blue on blue. Imagine wandering the beach at midnight, under the northern sky, moonlight illuminating the sea, and stars accenting the sky, mirroring the shells at your feet. They’re both in reach, the stars and the shells, the Magic of Nature.

Two pearly shell slices chime together, making this this shell necklace a dance with light and reflection. The Abalone shell is super iridescent, with shades of minty green, and lavender pink, warmth reflects gold in its surface, against a white grey pearlescent background. This fragment is mesmerizing. Measuring 1 5/8” x 6/8” its backside is extremely textured, coated in fine silver through the process of electroforming, like something from space! A small blue shell hangs nearby, measuring 1 x ½, it is matte in contrast with cloudy dark blues and a crisp line, revealing an underlying pearlescent layer. The charms hang on a fine recycled sterling silver 20” chain with a lobster closure.