Purple Shell Charms on Natural Cord

 These shells were picked on a blue beach, in Kennebunkport in northern Maine, full of stones and broken shells. Big white and purple clam shells, formed by the tiny clam, can be found up to an inch thick. It’s amazing how they naturally develop, retaining their brilliant purple and clean white color, and become intricately encircled by rings, like a tree, telling their story…the magic of Mother Nature! They live two lives, created a-new by the ocean over years and years of tumbling, never touched by a machine, these shell fragments were harvested on beaches, displaying the endless shapes and shades created out of chaos at sea.

 A fragment of a large clam shell, measuring 1 3/4 x 1 1/4 has two halves, curving into each other like a yin yang, rich purple and white, formed by swooping ridges. Its back face, entirely coated in fine silver through the unique process of electroforming, has a fine cursive engraving, has the detail of natural perforation along the edge maintaining the beautiful detail. Another small piece of purple clam shell hangs beside it, measuring 1 x 5/8, it has vertical bands of purple in many purple shades, and its edge is lined in silver, revealing its warm white back face. Completing this trio of charms, a 1 1/2 x ¼” recycled sterling silver leaf charm adds a symbolic edge to the abstract nature of this necklace. The charms hang together on a fine recycled sterling silver 20”chain with a lobster closure.