Large Love Feather Object

Large Love Feather in Fine Silver

Artists represent and subvert objects; from the still lifes of Cézanne, to the radical gestures of Duchamp, and the poetics of Man Ray, the inanimate has gained a new role in society. We stage and alter them into cultural artifacts that hold a mirror up to our own personal mythologies. OurObjects from the Natural Worldare inanimate, yet possess the feeling and essence of life, a beautiful contradiction. Our feathers unify the sky with the land, they are mystical and ritual, engaging the senses- a meditation on love. They fool us with a duality of delicacy and strength, teaching us to honor both. While cradling them, we soar between heavenly and earthly spheres elevating us with their uncanny beauty.  Along the quill this silver feather is engraved with the tender adieu: “ With love…” in cursive lettering. Our Wild Turkey feather measures 12 inches long from tip to tip and 2 inches wide and is covered in 99.9% fine silver through the unique technique of electroforming. This object remains light as a feather