Quartz Crystal Object

Quartz Crystal in Fine Silver

Paying homage to the natural world, these objects are reminders of the fragility of life, the complexity and the beauty of the raw earthen form.  They are transformed by adding fine silver through the process of electroforming.  Our Objects from the Natural Worldunify the land, the sea, and the sky, bringing them into our home. They are mystical and ritual, engaging all the senses with a childlike whimsy. We honor the object, while preserving the wonder. Quartz Crystals heal, by having strong amplification and healing properties, this clear quartz is open to receive our manifestations, and catapult them into being. Coated in silver at one end, quartz is given direction and focus. Admiring its clear complexion, we soar between heavenly and earthly spheres. Measuring approximately 5 inches long by 2 inches wide and 1.75 inches tall this prismatic object is meant to be part of you daily ritual.