E2139 S GA

Sterling Silver Small Circle Earrings with Garnet Beads

Garnets get their name from the delicious pomegranate! Derived from the Latin word “Garanatus” meaning seed like, they are supple and juicy. Symbolizing fertility the garnet and the pomegranate share a rich rosy translucent color. For millennia this stone has been a metaphor for illumination and passion, a gift of love.

In these earrings, round faceted coin garnet beads have been delicately arranged on coiled silver wire, mingling below a recycled sterling silver circle, defined and reflective. These beaded earrings are modern take on one of our classic designs. Measuring approximately 7/8“ x 7/8“, they feature 14 beads each, creating a sexy, worldly look. These full bodied earring hangs from 1 ¾” sterling silver ear wire.