18K Gold Oval Emerald Macramé Bracelet

There is an Olympian Goddess who reigns over the mountains and the forests. She is righteous, blessing the hunt, while protecting small animals and children. She revels in the lush green wilderness, blessing its growth and perfecting its balance, leaving no stone unturned by her gaze. We created this a one of a kind emerald bracelet as on homage to Artemis, this fascinating environmental deity.  An impressive 16.68 carat smooth emerald measuring 1 1/8” x 7/8” is set in 18K gold on an intricate macramé band laced with black diamonds beads. The woven band wraps snug around her wrist finding its closure with a 18K gold capped thread knotted through a 18K button. This piece is mysterious and unashamed, like a nonlinear timepiece, announcing the longevity of her touch, like that of Mother Nature.