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Silver Grey Shell Charms and Leaf on Chain

These shells were picked on a blue beach, in Kennebunkport in northern Maine, full of stones and broken shells. White accents brightened by the late summer sun, cast at an enchanting angle onto beaches of Maine. It’s these places that ignite inspiration and drive us to create these one of a kind shell necklaces that transport you to another place, feeling warm in the mist of cool blue waves. Through the unique technique of electro forming one side of the shell is covered in 99.9% fine silver while the other side exposes the natural beauty of each shell.

Tumbled by the sea, these fragments have a satisfying weight as they reveal with every movement, bright silver and a bands of deep grey along with a hand carved 3/4” long silver leaf. The charms measure 3/4” x 5/8”, and 5/8”x 1/2”and . These one-of-a-kind charms hang from an 18 inch recycled sterling silver chain, finished with a round lobster closure.