Silver Shell Charms, Leaf, and Crystal on Black Cord

Since ancient times shells have been a symbol of humanity, body, and soul. Inspired by these treasures of the sea, Designer Robin Renzi has created a collection of some of her favorite shells, found on beaches as close as Long Island and as far away as India. One side of each shell is covered in 99.9% fine silver, through the unique process of electroforming, while the other side exposes its bare natural beauty.  

Two iridescent jingle shells of silver and gold color measuring 1” and 1 5/8” tall, are accented by a recycled sterling silver leaf charm measuring 1 1/4”. Other small charms, such as a tiny 1/2” x 3/8” white cone shell, a 1/2” weathered blue clam shell, and a rock crystal capped in fine silver add to its elegant complexity. These mystical charms hang from an 18” length of 1mm black cotton cord and are finished with a silver button closure, making this an impressive and wearable one of a kind necklace.