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18K Gold Wide Ebony Bangle with Inlaid Gold Flowers and Diamonds


To celebrate Me&Ro’s 25 year anniversary, designer Robin Renzi created this limited edition 25 piece collection. This wide limited edition vintage hand carved ebony bangle showcases the deep chocolate and black shades of ebony and is inlaid with 18K gold oval and round wire to create floating flowers with diamond and riveted gold centers. Like flower constellations, scattered with golden dots, this bangle is the ultimate marriage of Marrakesh and Marameko. Representing a world of flowers, this bangle is bohemian luxury. The bangle measures approximately 1 3/16” wide and an inside diameter of 2.5". Each flower ranges in size from 1/4” to 11/16”. The diamonds measure approximately 3mm in diameter. All diamonds are conflict free. Only 3 will be made. Vintage ebony is a beautiful, natural material. It is dense and strong, however, like all natural materials it requires care, we ask that you do not put it in contact with water or any chemicals that may harm the wood.